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Pure Tamanu Oil –Buy Pure Tamanu Oil That Really Works
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Pure Tamanu Oil-Where To Buy organic, Pure Tamanu Oil?
Pure Tamanu Oil-Where To Buy organic, Pure Tamanu Oil?
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Pure Tamanu Oil-Use Pure Tamanu Oil To Prevent,Fight Skin Diseases



I am going to tell you how tamanu oil impacted my life and this is my report on this natural oil.

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My name is Peria and I am 61 years of age enjoying my quiet retired life. I have three college going children. My education ingrained in me the habit of checking and counter checking before accepting  any statement or belief .I have a gut feeling that my wife and others in my family or work place are not exactly happy about this trait in me but bear with it without showing it for fear of being disrespectful.

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 I do not believe even today that  every product  that is natural and plant based  is safe. This is as ridiculous as saying that all synthetic products are bad. I,in fact,hated all those herbal medicines with outlandish claims till I met this old medicine man from a far off village situated near the hills adjoining the coastal area in south India.

I had a skin condition that started when I was in my twenties in which slightly visible grey or dull white patches appeared in many places in my skin and my face. There was no itching but it embarrassed me all the same. The patches were  very pronounced especially after bath that made my skin dry due to which the patches were easily visible. I used to somewhat hide these by applying a thin film of coconut oil which helped a bit but not much.

I consulted dermatologists who prescribed some form of cream. Most did not have any effect at all but some gave temporary relief. After consulting umpteen number of doctors without any success, I was in the same position I was when I started. One doctor told me that it was some rare form of skin fungus that is difficult to cure and even asked me to put up with it since it is not a life threatening condition. So I had to live with my skin condition for almost forty years.

After my retirement, I accidentally met a medicine man from a far off coastal jungle village whose main job was to tour cities to sell forest produce like honey and herbal medicine. He immediately spotted my skin condition and assured me that he can cure my skin condition easily but I was not impressed because I  did not believe him. How can an uneducated village man prepare a medication to cure a skin condition that could not be cured by western medicine backed by years of costly scientific research? But after much persuasion I reluctantly agreed to try.

The herbal oil he gave me was so crudely prepared without proper filtration that I could see some pieces of herbal leaves floating on the surface of the oil. I had to restrain myself from throwing the bottle away. Reluctantly I decided to follow the instructions of the herbal medicine man and see what happens.

I applied the oil all over my skin and let it soak for half an hour and later took a shower as instructed. After two days, the patches started shrinking in size and after five days they totally disappeared. It was a complete cure after about 40 years of suffering this skin condition, because till date it did not recur. It  was A pleasant shock to me which made me realize that western medicine does not have all the solutions. This miracle potion could cure my 40 years old skin condition within a week which the much touted, western medicine backed by years of research could not.

I learned later that this brew was made out of tamanu tree parts which encouraged me to study this wonderful herbal medicine in detail. Unfortunately not much research is done on tamanu oil but I could study  some  research papers  and also from other sources to tell you everything about what I learned about this wonderful gift of nature.

What is tamanu oil?

The botanical name for Tamanu oil is Calophyllum inophyllum oil and it is also known as kamanu oil, kamani oil,foraha oil etc…Tamanu oil is extracted from tamanu tree that grows abundantly in sandy, salty soil in the coastal regions of Asia, Africa, south India, Srilanka and Polynesia.

Every part of this plant such as leaves, bark, root, seeds is found have  medicinal properties and people have been using it from ancient times even though it is only known recently to those who live in western hemisphere and the use of tamanu oil is fast catching up in cosmetics and skin care sectors.

Tamanu oil is extracted from dried tamanu tree seeds and it is estimated that it takes 200 pounds of dried tamanu seeds to make 10 pounds of tamanu oil. The method of extraction is by mechanical pressing and the color of the extracted oil is of greenish amber.

How does tamanu oil work?


The skin  has three main layers, namely the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous layer.Epidermis is the outermost layer and dermis is just below epidermis and is thicker compared to epidermis. The second layer Dermis houses the sweat glands, sebaceous glands, hai follicles and nerve endings that act as pressure sensors to evaluate the nature of external stimuli such as touch,heat and cold . The subcutaneous layer is the bottom most that contains fat and blood vessels to supply nutrients to all skin cells.

The purpose of skin is to act 
as protective barrier against external factors such as heat, and cold. It produces vitamin-D, and helps regulate body temperature by producing sweat. It also conveys  sensory information such as touch to the brain. Because skin is the largest organ,it suffers the first impact due factors like injury, infection, and disease.

What are the health benefits of tamanu oil?

Studies conducted in U.S.A and Europe show that tamanu oil has the extraordinary medicinal properties to renew and rejuvenate damaged skin tissues. Additionally it was also found that it  has antioxidant , anti-inflammatory, and  antibiotic qualities.

Tamanu oil is considered to be a gift from nature to heal those who suffer from various skin ailments and issues. These can be many  ranging from day to day issues such as common rashes, wounds, inflammation, blisters, burns, abrasions, cuts, sun burn, dry scaly skin to more serious skin diseases such as  psoriasis, eczema,  diabetic sores, sun burn, acne, anal fissures, leprosy,  rheumatism etc…

There are so many tamanu oil benefits that it will take time to list all of them here.

Those who use tamanu oil for acne find it to be very effective.

Many who did not know how to get rid of stretch marks naturally earlier,are pleasantly  surprised to see a marked improvement in their condition after using tamanu oil.

Ancient Chinese and Polynesians have been using tamanu oil  as therapeutic agent for treatment purposes as  antiseptic, expectorant, astringent, diuretic, and even as natural purgative. In Chinese medicine, tamanu oil is applied topically to treat even sore throat and foot and body odor.

What are the characteristics and chemical composition of  pure tamanu oil?

The therapeutic value of tamanu oil is determined by it’s chemical composition. Tamanu oil contains

* Caloxanthone E

* canophyllic acid



* canophyllol,

*phenyl coumarins

* triterpenes,

* flavonoid glycosides,

* friedelin,


* isoinophynone,



* epimers,

*  inocalophyllins A (1), B (2)

* and inophyllum E.

* inophyllum P, C,B

* calophyllolide,

And many other plant based chemicals. All these ingredients combine to give tamanu oil it’s medicinal properties such as anti bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-HIV  and others.

How to choose the best tamanu oil available in the market?

Of course it is bit difficult and confusing when it comes to choosing good quality products over substandard ones which have other oils added such as olive oil. If you are a regular user of tamanu oil, you will know the difference immediately by it’s color, smell, texture , density and above all it’s effectiveness which is the ultimate giveaway.

Which is the best tamanu oil?

The quality of tamanu oil differs from place to place which is determined by

*the environment factors such as the soil, climate, altitude, inputs like fertilizers etc..,

* Physical Factors –time of harvest, distillation methods etc..

The tamanu oil from India will be distinctly different to tamanu oil from Tahiti due to slight difference in chemical composition and so they will also differ in therapeutic values.

Tamanu oil from  Vanuatu and Hawaii are the best ones to go far due the environmental factors obtaining in these two places which are conducive for the production of  tamanu oil of high therapeutic value.

How to use tamanu oil?

Before using tamanu oil, make sure that you are not allergic to it. Start by applying it on a very small area to see whether you have any allergic  reaction.

Tamanu oil is meant for external use only and has to be applied topically taking care to avoid eyes and mouth.

Take a few drops in your palm and spread the oil by using both the palms. Apply on the skin surface where you want to heal or protect. Gently massage it over the affected area with gentle circular motion.

Good quality tamanu oil will be quickly absorbed without  leaving  much trace.

What is the shelf life of tamanu oil and how to store it?

Before  you buy tamanu oil see the date of manufacture to know whether it is out dated.

The shelf life of tamanu oil is six months to one year. During this period it has to be stored in a cool,

dry place. However it is advisable to use tamanu oil as early as possible.

 What are the precautions to be observed when using tamanu oil?

Those who suffer from nut allergy should not use it.

Pregnant mothers should consult doctors before using tamanu oil.

Where to buy good quality tamanu oil?

This is the most confusing part in the process of buying tamanu oil but not so difficult as it looks like. See whether the company has ‘BBB reliability ranking ‘ and ‘USDA ORGANIC’ logo on their website.

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 See whether the company that sells tamanu oil has any customer complaints by googling ‘company website-complaints’ to know if there is any. If they are in business for long, you can assume that they are genuine because if they are really bad they will lose the business and so every company has a vested interest in satisfying the customers. One or two odd complaint is o.k because in any business there are always customers you can not satisfy 100%.

In conclusion, tamanu oil does really work if you know where and how to buy tamanu oil.

By Chandrasekaran Rajamani

All the information on this site is based on resources and authority sites like Wikipedia-Tamanu oil and Tamanu oil facts.

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