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Tamanu Oil Benefits-What Are Tamanu Oil Benefits
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Tamanu Oil Benefits-Learn Various Tamanu Oil Benefits You Can Have


I want to stress the fact at the outset that tamanu oil benefits are not scientifically proven beyond doubt. But the very fact that people of south east asia especially Polynesia have been using tamanu oil as an effective home remedy for skin conditions and issues for thousands of years, goes to show that tamanu oil benefits do exist.

In my humble opinion, the effectiveness of tamanu oil is established beyond doubt by the successful usage of this herbal oil for thousands of years by hundreds and thousands of people of Polynesia and south east Asia. These people  unwittingly but willingly acted as  test subjects without knowing or caring about the dangers of such an exercise and in the end  proved the point that tamanu oil is really a most effective skin care agent. Personally, I do not need any more proof scientific or otherwise because it cured my skin condition which I suffered for 40 years as there was no potent western medicine to cure it.

The topic of Tamanu oil benefits has been subjected to lot of hype and misinformation especially regarding it’s health benefits. So it is important to know the truth as to what tamanu oil can do and what it can not. Though we can not deny the health benefits of tamanu oil, people tend to get carried away and start attributing health benefits that have no basis whatsoever. Things have come to such a pass that people are ready to believe whatever is said about tamanu oil benefits.

Tamanu oil had been in extensive use for thousands of years by people in south east Asia.  Before the advent of modern health care, people relied on herbal medicine for all their ailments and strangely it seemed to work. Though these eager Polynesian  tamanu oil  users were uneducated in the eyes of the so called civilized world, they were not lacking in wisdom. People of south east Asia used Tamanu oil extensively for all their skin care needs and found that it is very effective.

The skin which is the largest organ of the body has three main layers, namely the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous layer one below the other. Epidermis is the thin outermost layer and dermis is deeper part which is thicker compared to epidermis.  Dermis layer houses the sweat glands, hair follicles ,sebaceous glands, and nerve endings that act as pressure sensors that convey  information to the brain as to the nature of external stimuli. Below dermis, there is subcutaneous layer that serves the purpose of storing fat and contains blood vessels that supply nutrients to the skin. 

It is to be noted that skin protects the body against environmental factors and acts as protective barrier against heat, cold etc… ,helps regulate body temperature and lastly provides sensory information such as touch. Since the skin  is the largest organ covering the whole body,  it is also most vulnerable to injury, infection, and disease.

The secret to the potency of tamanu oil lies in it’s inherent  ability to disperse quickly deep down the skin layers and it’s ability to soothe and rejuvenate damaged skin tissues situated deep inside the skin effectively.  Tamanu oil benefits include it’s ability to keep the skin supple and nourished because it contains calophillic acid, natural lipids, phospholipids, glyco lipids and plant compounds conducive for good skin health.

Tamanu oil’s therapeutic characteristics are as follows. It is found to have  the following medical properties. Tamanu oil has








It is found that Tamanu oil  is effective against




* Rosacea



*Skin wounds

*Skin damage


*Skin rashes

*Stretch marks

*Dry skin

and others.


However, on the flip side tamanu oil can trigger allergic reactions in people prone to nut allergy. If you are prone to allergies, it is advisable  to consult your doctor before using  tamanu oil to your skin.

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Tamanu oil is to be applied topically and so care should be taken to see that it does not get into mouth or eyes.It also must be remembered that tamanu oil is not a replacement for regular medical treatment for skin conditions.  Tamanu oil may also cause contact dermatitis. Another point to note is that FDA has not evaluated Tamanu oil benefits as to claims of  it’s efficacy regarding  cures, prevention and treatment of skin issues and other medical conditions.


At the same time it is also true that tamanu oil  has been in use for hundreds of years in south east Asian countries whose citizens stand in silent testimony to tamanu oil benefits.


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